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Dec 8-10, 2020
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Our Community


I think we should revolutionize the way we work, not evolutionize it.

Lynne Oldham

Zoom, Chief People Officer

2 in 3

are looking for new ways to Support Diversity & Inclusion

3 in 4

want tactics for Building Culture Remotely

1 in 2

are concerned with Scaling Culture Successfully


do NOT require daily 

in-person interactions


1 in 8

currently plan to return to the office full-time

What We Heard

Especially in a remote environment, it is important for managers to have 1-on-1, more intimate conversations because it reinforce the culture.

Candice Morgan

Google Ventures, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Partner

If you struggle to hire people who look different, you will struggle with people who talk & think differently.

Trevor Edwards

Nike, Former President

Greatness flows from top to bottom...leaders need to know what make teams excel & evolve.

Michael Cooper

NBA, 5 Time Champion & All-Star

The Presidential Debate

The Future of the Office: 

Dead, Alive, or Reimagined?

Companies that prioritize health benefits, mental health emotional health, physical health, financial well being. They will be the ones attracting the best talent.

Madeline Kolbe Saltzman

True Ventures, VP of Culture

The workplace is the engine that fuels the integration of cultures. Workplace interactions, cannot be superseded by just remote working.

Irwin Miller

Gensler, Culture & Museums Leader


Announcing Our Flagship Study

The Nature & Nurture of Exceptional Teams and Cultures

Join renowned scientists and world-class companies in pushing the boundaries of innovation in organizational culture

Culture within a team is a function of many factors including organizational behavior, team composition, and work environment.  

Building on Google’s Project Aristotle, Instill’s flagship study will examine the role of nature (psychometric data) and nurture (collaborative technology) in optimal team formation within virtual and hybrid work environments.

Teams participating in this study will receive:

  • A comprehensive report of their team’s current composition and “personality” (including strengths and areas to develop) 
  • Custom recommendations and Interventions to sustain team connectivity in hybrid and remote contexts
  • Data-driven suggestions to improve hiring and onboarding strategies 
  • and more!

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